The Foundation’s organization

Initiated in 2005, the Toulouse Cancer Health Foundation was established and registered as a non-profit organization by order on May 5, 2006, as part of the national system for funding research and innovation.

Its purpose is to establish, promote and finance cooperation which will lead to the development of research and industry in the healthcare sector and particularly the fight against cancer.

Toulouse Cancer Health Foundation supports actions in the following key technologies:

  • Info technology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology
  • HEALTH: radiotherapy techniques


The Toulouse Cancer Health Foundation has taken on the mission of developing cancer research by implementing various means of action:

  • Organizing calls for proposals on national and international levels to support or co-finance Research and Development programs
  • Promoting Public / Private research partnership by funding multidisciplinary research programs linking info-technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology and radiotherapy techniques
  • Supporting actions to strengthen the links between research organizations and the industrial sector, and encourage the creation of innovative companies
  • Funding technology platforms or infrastructures directly related to the Foundation’s objectives
  • Supporting young researchers throughout their studies to encourage the development of their expertise abroad (Europe, North America, Asia) as well as in France
  • Funding for “chairs” to attract world-class researchers at the Toulouse site
  • The organization of seminars, national or international conferences

To accomplish these missions, it has been endowed with 21.5 million euros by its founders:

13.5 million euros by the following companies:

  • TOTAL LTD: 10 million euros
  • Pierre Fabre LTD: 1 million euros
  • AMGEN LTD: 1 million euros
  • GLAXOSMITHKLINE LLC: 1 million euros
  • SIEMENS LTD: 0.5 million euros

8 million euros by the Ministry of Research and the National Agency for Research (ANR).

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