4 partner teams: 18 people
Grant: 400k euros

3 teams from the Institut Curie
• INSERM U 653
• UMR 144
• Hospital Unit
Pierre et Marie Curie University

2007-2014 Campaign : MICEMICO (cell migration in confined environments)

Immunology & antitumor vaccination led by Ana-Maria LENNON-DUMENIL (Institut Curie)

The different organs of the human body are composed of cells (for example liver cells or muscle cells). One of the essential properties the cells are their ability to move, pushing their way through the dense space formed by the organs, like a viscous gel with no vacuum. This is called cell migration in confined areas.

This is fundamental to our survival: without it, the cells of the immune system could not reach the scene of an injury or invasion to ensure the defense of the organism and tissue repair.

But in cancer, cell migration becomes a double-edged sword: it is what will allow cancer cells to move to invade multiple organs and thus forming metastasis, the leading cause of cancer death.

For the first time, a team of internationally renowned researchers in different scientific disciplines will address this problem in order to understand the complex mechanisms of cell migration in confined areas. This new knowledge will be used to boost the “good” migration of immune cells and block the “bad” migration of cancer cells, with the hope of developing new treatments for cancer patients.

Thus, thanks to the commitment and support of the Toulouse Cancer Health Foundation, physicists, biologists and physicians are able to work together for a common purpose: the fight against cancer.